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Where is the best place for a dog to stay? 5 Star hotel or cozy home? Dogs don’t dream about staying in a 5 star hotel, but they do like places that are warm, comfortable and cheerful. Dog Cheers is a hotel located in the city’s East side. We are here to provide family-like boarding and services for your loving dog.

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About Us

Welcome Everyone! Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Jet and I’m the CEO of Dog Cheers. My professional team members include our PR Director – Bean and Shop Manager – Bingo. We hope to see you in person at Dog Cheers!


Our living room, lodging area and outdoor enclosure area are very spacious and comfortable. He/She can enjoy exercises in these three roomy areas. At Dog Cheers, we treat your pet like family – we want each one of them to be happy and healthy. Therefore, we choose natural ingredient cleaners which is non-toxic and less in petrochemicals for keeping our hotel clean and fresh.


You wouldn’t wonder why guests will return to Dog Cheers time and time again. Thanks to Bean and Bingo, who always give our guests warm hugs and paws. Their friendly greeting will make you feel like home.


Jack Russell Terrier
Personality: Brave, Proactive,
Smart and lively, Agile



Boarder Collie
Personality: Intelligent, Gentle,
Considerate, Lovely


PR Director

Bernese Mountain Dog
Personality: Generous manner, Loyal,
Kindness, Hospitality


Shop Manager

Our Services

Besides our boarding services, you may also want to try our grooming and SPA services, or grab some premium pet products on the way home. Barbaque/Catering party can be held at our outdoor enclosure area. In addition, we have different workshops and adoption events held once every month.

  • The Hotel

    Dog Cheers has 9 spacious private rooms. Our rooms come in different sizes - 25ft², 36ft², 45ft², and 60ft², it can sure accommodate all types of dogs and families.

  • The SPA

    Natural ingredient SPA products used by our Professionally trained groomer

  • The Treats & Supplies

    Natural/Organic foods, treats, toys and other premium imported dog food brand


    Spacious area for workshops or other group activities both inside and outside the hotel


  • All
  • Workshop


  • 很多人喜愛照顧小動物,是因為覺得牠們很可愛,但原來照顧寵物也可以幫助年輕人建立自信,甚至找到人生方向。一班本來待業待學的年輕人,自從參加了由香港賽馬會資助、香港基督教服務處舉辦的「鼓掌‧創你程計劃--『動起來』工程」...

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  • 坐落柴灣的Dog Cheers是一家狗酒店,其店主Chris因着一顆善心,義務借出房間,協助非牟利獸醫服務協會收留等待領養的狗BB,直到牠們被領養為止,演活何謂「人間有情」...

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